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As we've built Rooster, one thing we've realized is that our world doesn't properly value sleep.

It's something that Mother Nature has devoted a third of our lives to, but many of us don't give it much thought.

We just go through the motions and fall onto a flat piece of foam or springs, phone in hand.

The products you see on this site are designed to reorient how we think about sleep.

They actually work, too. No notifications, no drugs, just proven ways to help your body get the rest it craves.

For Rooster to be useful to you, you ought to understand a few essentials:

1. The night is not dormant.

Contrary to how you experience sleep, your body and mind are teeming with activity throughout the night.

While you rest, dinner's nutrients restore power into your limbs and mental capacity to your mind, allowing you to recover from a long ass day.

2. Your approach and technique will determine the quality of your sleep.

Our products are tools to help you hone an approach that works for you.

Think of them as the yoga blocks, floor mats and stretching bands of the night.

3. We run this company like a gym.

If you've ever spent time in a good one, you know what that means.

To carry out the analogy, here's a few people to know around here:

Henry and Jeff are the owners. They built this thing with their own money.

Our scientist and trainer partners are our coaches. They test every product we build.

And you, should you choose to give our products a shot, are a member. You'll be treated as such: a deeply respected member of a community aligned by shared purpose and the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

There's a lot more to cover, and we'll get to it soon. In the meantime, welcome, let us know if you have questions, and dream big.


Long story short, I was dying to sleep.

Before COVID hit, I was traveling nonstop (work) and running 50 miles a week.

A racing mind and a racing body (misaligned hips, strained muscles) often kept the nights unproductive as I started at the hotel ceiling until the sun came up.

The internet suggested apps or drugs. They were unproven, counterintuitive, or both.

Doctors and physical therapists pointed me towards products that looked like things you’d find in the back of an airplane catalogue. There had to be a better way.

We built some prototypes and tested them with friends in New York, Austin and Los Angeles. Went back to the lab, to Home Depot and the fabric store and YouTube.

Finally, we made something we all liked. Spoke with researchers who have spent decades studying human recovery.

After many months and rounds of adjustments, Rooster was born.

It's a series of products designed to evolve the way you sleep and maximize your recovery.

It's a toolbox, something you can return to every night, something that you can see and touch and make your own.

It's a practice, a commitment and a center of gravity for those who find comfort in the pursuit of a better tomorrow.

I hope it works for you. No matter what you're recovering from, your body and mind will thank you for evolving your approach to better sleep.

These products worked for me and I hope you find them valuable. If they don't, drop me a line.

- Henry

Mile 241 of 340, The Speed Project


It wasn't pretty but here's how we got to where we are today: